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Free to play

  1. Is there a gold/chip limit for f2p?
    Yes, 10 red chips, which is plenty. My level 24 toon was not able to save 1 red chip, yet. The chip limit goes away, if you purchase anything in the marketplace.
  2. What is the difference between F2P and subscribers?
    Subscribers have more character slots, unlimited crafting time (compared to 8h per day for F2P), higher XP, faster crafting time, more monthly rewards points. For details, look here
  3. How do I get rid of the UPDATE button?
    This is the friendly reminder that you can subscribe to the game. It goes away once you buy a subscription. It is unconfirmed that it will also go away with any purchase in the marketplace. Otherwise, you can iconize it and move it offscreen.

Travel, Mounts and Vehicles

  1. Where’s my horse?
    It’s where you left it last. Horses and all vehicle are persistent in this game. Once created, they will only move with their rider, or they can be towed by a stable or garage manager. You can locate your mount on the minimap in the form of a grey circle with a green or red square in it.
  2. I died, where’s my horse?
    Same as above, it’s where you left it when you died. Fortunately, usually there is a garage not to far from the Lifenet Center. You could have your mount towed there.
  3. How can I feed my horse or fuel my vehicle?
    You can craft horse feed as well as fuel using your nature and science tradeskills or you can buy it at a garage or a horse merchant. Once you have it in your inventory, push the fuel/feed button on your mount window.
  4. How to deal with waypoints?
    Waypoints allow a player to mark his map. Push Alt-P to open the waypoint window. This allows you to create and delete waypoints, either right at the spot where you are, or by entering coordinates. You can select a waypoint from the list and a yellow X on your minimap will point you into the direction of the waypoint.


  1. I bought something at the auction, where can I find it?
    Items won at auctions are delivered by mail. A mailbox is usually not far from the auctioneer or can be found at banks, the nearest diner or at the gas station.
  2. I bought something and it doesn’t show up in inventory?
    Your inventory is full. Either there aren’t any inventory slots left, or you have reached the maximum weight you can carry. The maximum weight increases by .5 per level or by raising strength.
  3. My inventory was full when I completed this quest! I accepted a quest, but didn’t get a needed mission item !
    You should actually have the quest still in your quest helper window, or you can open your quest journal using the J-key and highlight the quest labelled “Success”. Make room in your inventory for the items you are about to receive as reward, then push the Success button. Mission items for a quest will appear in your inventory, as soon as you make room for them.
  4. Can I sort my inventor?
    You can filter your inventory by Gear, Mission Items, Trade Goods, Useables and Other by pushing the little funnel icon on the top right of your inventory window.
  5. Is there a bank or other permanent storage?
    Yes, there are bank vaults. You can find them on the map marked with a safe symbol. There are four different vaults: Sector, Barter, VIP and Utility. Not every location has a Barter vault and even less have VIP and Utility vaults.


  1. Where can I find tinfoil, fasteners, cotton, plastic, copper, grain?
    Crafting materials can be obtained by purchasing them at a vendor, looting them from a corpse, harvest, scavenge or mine them from a node or by butchering a corpse. Some materials can be crafted as well. As for the original question: tinfoil is a rare loot or scavenge. There is not hard and fast rule where to get it. The auction house or patience is your best bet here. The same is true for plastic which is rare in sector 1, but can be found more often in sector 2. Copper can be found around the Lifenet stations of the newbie towns, since it’s used for a newbie quest. Cotton can be harvested from node on the outskirts of the starter towns. Similar for grain, which can be found around the 2nd tier towns, and loads of it around Needle Eye


  1. Is somebody around who speaks my language?
    Yes, there is. The Fallen Earth community is international with many European nationalities and a good sized group of Brazilians. Most of them have their own guilds and it’s always fun to interact with other nationalities. However, the purpose of the help channel is to answer questions of the new player. GMs do police this channel and try to keep the chatter down. The use of foreign languages beyond one or two lines is not permitted. This does not give the permission to harass or discriminate against foreign nationalities.


  1. How to spend my AP?
    Building out your character is not easy and can’t be answered in this FAQ. This website has various guides and a whole forum dedicated to it. And here is an AP planner.
  2. Can I save up my AP?
    Yes, you can, but you’ll quickly notice that you can’t keep up with the quest and the unfriendly opposition. Look for some guides on how to build your character.


  1. Crafting is so slow.
    It might appear so, but it is well balanced. After all, crafting continues while traveling or fighting and even when you log out. And I haven’t heard of any average crafter who was complaining about not being able to keep his crafting up with his level.
  2. What happens after 8hours of crafting?
    F2P players are limited to 8hours out of 24hours of crafting. After 8hours, your current crafting is paused until the next 24 hour day.
  3. What happens when i go offline?
    Your crafting continues when you log out, even if you switch to a different character. Theoretically, a subscriber could have up to 4 crafting queues going.
  4. Where can I buy the commander kit?
    The commander kit is a crafting tool that replaces all others except the harvesting tools (geology, nature). You can buy it either at the marketplace or at a rewards vendor (Watchtower in sector 1). However, you don’t need it. As long as you have the specialized crafting tool, like your cooking kit in your inventory, you can craft all cooking recipes. It is unfortunate that the commanders kit appears next to the regular kit in red, which leads many to the assumption it is a needed item.
  5. Can I scope my rifle?
    Yes, you can. However, not every rifle is available with a scope, and you need to have a recipe for each particular scoped rifle.


  1. I dropped my quest, how can i get it back?
    Yes, you can. The original quest giver will offer you the quest again. It will be difficult at times to find them, since the quest chains are long, and you have many quests in your journal. The Fallen Earth Wiki might be helpful in locating your quest.


  1. Where can I pick my faction?
    Faction comes only into play in sector 2. Once there, you’ll see 6 faction towns. Do quests there and receive faction points as rewards.
  2. When can I go to sector 2?
    Sector 2 is not blocked for any level. Around level 15 you will have a good chance to survive the trip solo and around level 18 you should be able to do the quests in the first town “Sunshine” in sector 2.
  3. How’s the endgame?I refused to answer this question in any MMO I’ve ever played, since I usually have way to much fun exploring the game and with a question like that I have skipped 90% of the content the developers have created for me. This is very true for Fallen Earth as well. The game world is huge, there’s a lot to explore. Enjoy.

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The Fallen Earth website has its own FAQ here

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